H-1C Nonimmigrant Visas

The H-1C nonimmigrant visa is a temporary RN visa created in 1999 specifically for hospitals in medically underserved areas. Unfortunately only 500 such visas may be issued each year for the entire country, and the employer must meet the law’s rigorous attestation and recruitment requirements. Before a nurse may apply for an H-1C visa the hospital must receive permission from the Department of Labor. The hospital must be located in a federally-designated Health Professional Shortage Area as of March 30, 1997, have at least 190 acute care beds, have a qualifying percentage of Medicare and Medicaid patients, and must demonstrate its commitment to recruit and retain U.S. workers in order to remove its dependency on foreign RNs. This attestation process must be repeated every 12 months. Despite large investments of time and money, only ten hospitals in the US have been approved for H-1C visas. The regulations authorizing the issuance of H-1C visas expire in 2005. After that, H-1C visas will only be issued if Congress renews or extends the law.

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