Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting is proud to represent some of the most qualified and experienced nurses from around the world. The nurses that we work with have a top quality education, several years of experience in some of the largest hospitals, and the language skills needed to succeed in a US job. We oversee the training and certification of all our nurses. Our immigration attorney, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the field helps our nurses to navigate through the complicated and cumbersome process of immigration law, in order to help them come to the US and start their nursing careers. We guide our clients through a turn-key process for interviewing, qualification, and immigration. Simply put, we have the best nurses in the world!

  Lebanese Stamp

Hanadi H. - Lebanon

Specialty: ER/ Medical Surgery

Experience: 9 years

Quote: "I completed a practicum at the teaching hospital of Medical University of South Carolina, so I think I will feel confident working in an American hospital. I have the working experience of taking care of the most critical cases, including trauma, neurology and heart surgery. I am quite sure I can be a wonderful nurse in the States, too!"


Italian Stamp

Clara O. - Nigeria & Italy

Specialty: OB/ GYN

Experience: 19 years

Quote: "I understand what is ndeeded to build an enthusiastic and motivated team while maintainin gclear and effective communication. You will find me entirely dedicated to my work and truly loyal."


Sophia J. - India & Oman

Specialty: Medical/ Surgery

Experience: 10 years

Bio: Sophia was awarded the state level "Florence Nightingale Award 2004" and the "Ekanath Kamath Memorial Award" for earning the highest marks in her class, all four years as a BSN student.

Quote: "I am happy to work where my services and education are most needed."


Aline M. - Brazil

Specialty: Dialysis

Experience: 7 years

Bio: Aline delivered a lecture to the Sixth Brazilian Congress of Nurse Councils. The title of her talk was "Public Health: Pregnancy in Adolescence."

Quote: "I want to learn more about my profession in a country that is seen as an example of the height of science and knowledge."


Alanda C. - Grenada

Specialty: Medical/ Surgery

Experience: 4 years

Quote: "This process cannot be accomplished without trust on both sides, which is why I tell my friends in nursing school to call Kennedy. I feel really very at home with KHR."