What KHR Can Do for You

As soon as your OPT begins, you need to begin right away by finding an immigration sponsor, an employer who will sign your petition for Adjustment of Status as a Schedule A RN. KHR works with large healthcare systems which can accommodate hundreds of F-1 nurses in need of sponsorship. Not only will KHR find a partnering facility who is happy to sign your green card papers, we will also provide our expertise in securing your VisaScreen certificate, your US license or license endorsement into the state in which you’ll be working. Immigration issues are complex legal matters – you should speak with an experienced attorney about all immigration issues.

KHR is closely associated with Joseph Curran, Esq., which means that you will have one of the best immigration lawyers in Massachusetts keeping your petitions in order and addressing any complications that could otherwise prevent you from getting your expedited green card. Not only will KHR find your sponsor and provide legal representation, we will do it free of charge.

When you agree to work for a partnering facility, KHR will cover the following expenses:

  • Initial legal consultation fee
  • Total legal fees
  • Medical examination required for your Adjustment of Status
  • VisaScreen (often required before issuance of green card)
  • Relocation costs. We pay $1500 if you must relocate
  • NCLEX fees (either payment for or reimbursement of) and any application fees related to your licensure by exam or endorsement

We will not ask you to pay us back, nor will we ever take any percentages of your salary. We will never ask for money from you, and the only contract you’ll sign will be directly with your sponsor/employer. The contract will state your salary and differentials and will ask you to agree to work for your sponsor for a period of two years.

If you do have a spouse or children, we can pay their legal fees up-front (as the cost can be prohibitive), though we would ask you to set up a flexible payment plan with us in the event that we have paid for your family's fees.

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