The Road to US Employment


Meeting the Requirements

Kennedy is committed to giving you complete and accurate information about the terms and conditions of the positions available to you before you choose an employer and come to the USA. We believe this kind of transparency is what distinguishes us from other recruiting agencies.

In order for a foreign nurse to secure a nursing position in the US, he/she must meet the following three requirements:

  1. Hold a nursing school diploma
  2. Hold a valid nursing license in his/her home country.
  3. Pass the NCLEX exam.

In order for a foreign nurse to apply to Kennedy Healthcare, they should meet the first two requirements (hold a nursing school diploma and a valid nursing license). Our clients should be planning to take the CGFNS or the NCLEX exam. We oversee the examination process, and in all cases, we offer to pay for the examination fee, and provide test preparation materials free of charge. Please continue reading to learn more about the process.


The Contract you Sign

Once you decide to work with Kennedy Healthcare, there are two pieces of paper you are asked to sign:

  1. The CGFNS third party form: This allows KHR to work directly with CGFNS, in order to process your application. The CGFNS and CES processes are very involved and it is more efficient for an organization within the country to work with CGFNS, than for an individual outside the country.
  2. The job contract: This is something that is shared between you, the nurse, and the facility that hires you. KHR simply acts as a liaison between the two, in order to facilitate the process.