Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting, Inc. is committed to the highest professional and ethical services in recruiting nurses to work for hospitals and healthcare facilities and the USA. Our executives have over eighteen years experience in helping thousands of international professionals obtain visas and start their lives in the United States. We select only the most qualified candidates. We also ensure that job offers are fair and compatible with nurses’ experience and preferences. We strive for transparency so that both nurses and the hospitals sponsoring them are fully aware of their options, and can make the most of them. Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting, Inc. endorses the  ICN position statement on ethical nurse recruitment.

Unfortunately, the present nursing shortage in the USA has encouraged unethical practices in the recruitment industry. Each day we hear stories of recruiters who have exploited nurses by charging unreasonable fees, giving misinformation about their options, or manipulate documents and credentials. We have also heard stories of recruiters who match nurses with jobs that are incompatible with the nurse’s skills and preferences. Both nurses and hospitals suffer in such cases.

Kennedy Recruiting, Inc. condemns such practices, and endeavors to help nurses and hospitals make fully informed decisions. We provide complete and accurate information to employers about nurses’ qualifications, education and experience. Likewise, nurses are fully informed about their prospective employers, job description, benefits, sick leave, etc. Nurses should expect proper orientation, constructive supervision and fair treatment. They should be aware of all the resources available to them such as professional and cultural associations.

The nursing shortage in the USA a complex issue and requires effort on the part of governments, healthcare employers and professionals. Nurse agencies are sometimes accused of engaging in "piracy" and draining other countries of their healthcare workers. Kennedy Recruitment believes in the right of a qualified individual to seek employment abroad, so long as they are fully informed of terms and conditions before choosing an employer.

What You Get from KHR

  • As a qualified candidate, you will have a choice of jobs and locations
  • You will be fully informed of the terms and conditions of your prospective employment in the States before signing a contract
  • You will sign a contract directly with the hospital you choose to work with before you come to the US.
  • You will not be asked to pay for any unreasonable fees. [ More about fees. ]

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Many recruiters charge nurses unreasonable fees. We, at Kennedy Healthcare DO NOT ask for any fees from our clients. There is no fee for applying to Kennedy Healthcare, or for using its services.

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A List of Our Services

  • Assisting clients with their applications for CES, CGFNS, NCLEX, IETS, or any other English language exam
  • Paying all exam fee for the client
  • Finding a nursing position and sponsor for client
  • Arranging job interview for client
  • Helping client to prepare for job interview
  • Paying for the VisaScreen of client
  • Paying for client's Green Card application
  • Paying for client's US nursing license
  • Paying for client's airfare to the US to begin work
  • Paying for transitional housing.

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