If you need to find out your current status, please use our case status request form.

Please note: all wait times may vary due to the details of each and changes in National Visa Center (NVC) timeframes. An updated list of these can be found here.

  • Application:

    Once an application is received it will be reviewed. If you are accepted you will be given a job offer by a Healthcare Facility (HCF).

  • Initial Information Collection:

    Once accepted there are a number of documents and pieces of information which you will be asked to provide so we may bein your immigration process here in the United States.

  • I-140:

    The first form submitted on your behalf is the I-140. This must be processed and approved by the federal government of the United States.

  • Fee Bill:

    A number of processing fees must be paid to the National Visa Center (NVC) at this time. This is one of the costs covered by the HCF offering you a position. Once received, these fees must be processed by NVC.

  • Additional Information Collection:

    Kennedy Healthcare may ask that you provide additional information at this stage. This is so we can continue your immigration process with the NVC, via the form DS260.

  • DS260:

    The DS260 is an all online document. Once you or Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting has filed this document it must be processed and approved by NVC.

  • NVC Document Collection:

    The NVC requires a number of Civil Documents related to you and your identity. We may ask for additional documentation at this time.

  • Missing Document Requests:

    If the NVC does not receive all documents they require, you and Kennedy Healthcare will be notified.

  • Documentary Qualification:

    Once all documents are received and processed by NVC you will be declared “Documentarily Qualified”. This means that you may proceed in the immigration process.

  • Interview Date Set:

    Your local embassy or consulate will contact you with your interview date. If you cannot attend at the given time it may be rescheduled.

  • 221G for missing documents:

    If any documents expire or are found to be missing between your Documentary Qualification and Consular Interview date a 221G will be sent. This is an opportunity to update the required information and retain your Documentary Qualification.

  • Consular Interview:

    Your Consular Interview will take place at your local embassy or consulate. If results are satisfactory you will be approved for travel to the U.S.

  • Travel to the United States:

    You will be assisted with travel logistics by KHR.

    This must be completed within six months of your Consular Interview.

  • Start working at Healthcare Facility in the United States