We are happy to note that the Department of State has recently increased the pace of immigrant visa interviews substantially. We have received over 35 interview notices in the past month, more than 6 times the rate of previous months. Older cases seem to be getting priority, but there are a lot of exceptions, and there is clearly an element of randomness in which cases are assigned an interview date first. NVC is also continuing to process cases that are not yet documentarily qualified (DQ’ed), but not at the same pace.

Kennedy Healthcare Recruiting has formally requested expedites for every nurse, and we will continue to work closely and diligently with DOS liaison, AHA, AILA, and other organizations to try and speed up consular processing for our nurses, and to adjust the visa-processing rules and procedures to allow international nurses to help the U.S. respond to the COVID crisis.

Of course, unsubstantiated rumors continue to circulate, but we can assure you that we are on top of all the latest developments and will continue to work hard to bring all of the nurses to the US as soon as possible.

We will keep you all in the loop as changes occur. Thank you for your patience.