As many of you have noticed, the pace of nurse immigration has slowed recently. This is a result of a bottleneck at the visa interview stage at the US consulates. 

KHR currently has over 80 nurses with approved visa petitions and who have completed the entire NVC processing stage, just waiting for appointments to receive their visas so they can fly to the US and begin work. Frankly, our biggest concern earlier was that the State Department would issue most of the visas in a very short period of time, creating logistical obstacles to quickly transporting and settling the nurses in the US. Unfortunately, the consulates (and especially the Manila consulate) have been extremely slow to bring back furloughed visa officers, and the Biden Administration has prioritized immigrants who are sponsored by family members, leaving immigrants such as our nurses at the bottom of the list.

We have formally requested expedites for every nurse, but unfortunately, virtually every other visa candidate has requested an expedite as well, so expedite requests seem to be falling on deaf ears.  We still have a slow, steady flow of nurses coming in, and by all accounts, they are settling in well and providing solid nursing services, but unless there is a change at the consulates, it is unlikely that the pace will pick up significantly for at least a couple of months. We will continue to monitor developments, actively work with immigration advocacy groups, and keep you all in the loop as changes occur. Thank you for your patience.