Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m moving into my apartment in the US, which fees are paid for by KHR?

We are able to provide your security deposit. At this time Administrative and Application Fees are not covered.

Where can I find my Consular Interview date?

KHR or the embassy will contact you with this date, once set. Please see our resources page for more info.

How long is my job offer letter valid for?

Your notarized job interview letter is valid for one year.

Can I transfer to a different facility during my initial contract?

No. This immigration process is tied to work, and through this is also tied to physical location. You must remain for the duration of your contract.

What documents and information must I supply?

This can vary depending on your specific case, however you may find more information in our resources page.

Do I need a United States Visa Screen?

This process is required for your immigration process. It can take multiple months to receive your Visa Screen so it is advised that you begin this process as quickly as possible if you intend to immigrate to the U.S. in your near future.